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HDR Photography

HDR Photograph

HDR Photograph of Dining room

Standard Photograph

Standard Photograph of dining room

HDR photography is the method I use to make beautiful, life like photos for my listings. HDR photography is more time consuming than the standard single exposure images you typically see. The end results are easily worth the extra effort.

The basic premise behind HDR photography is to take multiple photos at different exposure levels. So for instance a dark, medium and light version of the same image.

The post processing software combines the best elements from each photo into one image. This creates a final product that is life like and detailed. Below is a visual diagram to help explain a little further:

Light Exposure

HDR light exposure

Medium Exposure

HDR medium exposure

Dark Exposure

HDR dark exposure

3 Exposures Combined to Create Finished Photo Below

Finished Photo

Final version of HDR photo