Dynamic duos who got it done at the Prelims | Prep Girls Hoops (2024)

There were plenty of great individual performances last weekend at the Minnesota State Prelims. What grabbed our attention more, however, was the number of duos who combined to do great work. Those one-two punches had a huge impact on how…

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There were plenty of great individual performances last weekend at the Minnesota State Prelims. What grabbed our attention more, however, was the number of duos who combined to do great work. Those one-two punches had a huge impact on how this weekend’s State Tournament seeds played out. Here are a half dozen dynamic duos who did it best.

Ja’Kahla Craft Ja’Kahla Craft 5'9" | CG STMA | 2024 State MN & Liv McGill Liv McGill 5'7" | CG Hopkins | 2024 State MN – Metro Stars 2024 3SSB

If there’s one player in the state who has raised her stock the most over the past couple of months it has to be Craft whose current ranking is #22. We’re told she was outstanding on the road the past couple of weeks. We saw first-hand just how powerful Ja’Kahla’s impact was at the Prelims. She’s playing with so much energy and passion, employing her speed and quickness and size-large motor to dominate at both ends of the floor. It has been a ton of fun to watch. Craft scored 91 points in four games, including 31 against Suns 2024 S40 and 28 vs Fury 2024 UAA. Now that the likes of Taylor Woodson Taylor Woodson 6'0" | PF Hopkins | 2023 State #28 Nation MN and Nunu Agara Nunu Agara 6'1" | PF Hopkins | 2023 State #32 Nation MN have aged out of coach Matt Pryor’s Metro Stars team, it is up to Craft and McGill to make the group go. Liv was a force defensively, a tone-setter on offense, and a scorer, as well. McGill collected 77 points on the weekend, including 26 versus North Tartan and 23 against Fury 2024 Premier.

Tori McKinney Tori McKinney 6'1" | CG Minnetonka | 2024 State MN & Aaliyah Crump Aaliyah Crump 6'1" | SF Minnetonka | 2025 State MN – North Tartan 2024 EYBL

We’ve been waiting patiently for what seems like forever to see McKinney in action again. After missing the entirety of the winter season at Minnetonka due to a knee injury, the 6’1 combo guard has come back with a vengeance over the past couple of weeks. We were told she looked really good on the EYBL circuit a week ago. At the Prelims we saw it for ourselves. Tori was special. The #4-rated prospect in the Class of 2024 was moving as well as before with as much quickness and mobility as ever. Defensively she looked like what she has always been – elite. On offense we saw a ton of confidence, the willingness to pull the trigger on every open look, and the ability to get to the basket and finish. Meanwhile Crump, the #1-rated prospect in the Class of 2025, was doing what she always does and looking great while doing it. Crump averaged 14 points per game, scoring 30 points against the two Metro Stars teams, 15 vs Minnesota Stars and 12 against Fury UAA. Crump is still young but her day-to-day performance creates a beautiful picture of where she’s headed.

Addison Mack Addison Mack 5'9" | PG Minnehaha Academy | 2025 State MN & Jordan Ode Jordan Ode 5'11" | CG Maple Grove | 2025 State MN – Fury 2025 UAA

I can’t remember the last time I saw Addi and/or Jordan have a bad game – at least not by conventional standards as normally applied. We have high expectations for Mack and Ode and they almost always meet or exceed whatever bar we set. That’s why Mack – the uber-gifted point guard from Minnehaha Academy ranked #4 in the Class of 2025 – and Ode – a versatile, athletic competitor from Maple Grove rated #3 – have earned a boatload of collegiate offers already. They are the engine that makes the Fury go. Ode scored 45 points in four games at the Prelims, including a high of 18 vs Crossfire Tusler. Mack put up 59 points, with a high of 19 in the same game. Ode is a grinder who has put in a ton of time to ensure that she can hang with pretty much anyone. Mack has worked tirelessly to hone her game with trainer Damien Lolar who, as of this week, is now her coach at Minnehaha, as well.

Tori Oehrlein Tori Oehrlein 5'10" | CG Crosby-Ironton | 2026 State MN & Piper Engelby Piper Engelby 5'11" | SG Andover | 2024 State MN – MN Suns 2024 S40

As the #1 prospect in the Class of 2026 it should come as no surprise that Tori led her squad in a variety of ways this weekend. The 5’11 freshman from Crosby-Ironton is an elite-level facilitator with exceptional court vision and impeccable sense of timing. Her greatest asset, in our opinion, is that she makes everyone around her better. A lot better. The same is true of Engelby. While the 5’11 guard’s skillset is completely different from Oehrlein’s, Piper’s contributions are no less important. The Top 20 junior is one of the most-dedicated, hardest-working, all-in competitors in the state. Her defensive abilities, consistent intensity, ability to focus on the task at hand, and desire to win are all so valuable. Oehrlein, Engelby and the Suns have earned the #3 seed heading into the weekend.

Lanelle Wright Lanelle Wright 5'8" | PG Minnetonka | 2026 State MN & Tori Schlagel Tori Schlagel 5'9" | CG Eden Prairie | 2025 State MN – North Tartan 2025 EYBL

The combination of Wright and Schlagel has an awful lot in common with Oehrlein and Engelby. Wright is the cerebral one. The #3-rated prospect in Minnesota’s freshman class is a precise tactician who thinks the game at a very high level, sees everything on the floor and executes under pressure. Lanelle is just so smooth, with well-honed skills that include elite ball-handling ability, superior shooting, and a strong understanding of the game. While Wright’s game is all silk, Schlagel’s is more sandpaper. The big guard is also highly-skilled, but she plays the game with a distinct edge. Tori would just as soon fight you on the ground for the ball as finesse you one-on-one even though she’s really good at that, too. Although this North Tartan team in incredibly well-balanced, the pair combined for an impressive 23 points per game over the weekend.

Lee Lee Bell & Sinae Hill Sinae Hill 5'10" | SG Minnehaha Academy | 2026 State MN – MN Stars 2026 3SSB

Is there anything Lee Lee can’t do? That’s the question we were left scratching our heads about Sunday night after watching the #1 prospect in North Dakota’s Class of 2026 dominate in all facets of the game. Bell is a unicorn with a big body, elite athleticism, top-notch skills and the ability to score the basketball any which way you want. She put up 69 points this weekend, including 27 against North Tartan in the battle for the #1 seed. Hill is the perfect complement to Bell. The Minnehaha Academy athlete has size, speed and skill and has improved significantly over the course of the past few months. Hill put up 20 points against Inspired Athletics, but so much of what she does isn’t represented on the score sheet. Sinae just makes plays at both ends of the floor, gets stops at opportune moments, and finishes chances with minimal drama and maximum outcome. Together Lee Lee and Sinae are definitely a dynamic duo.

Dynamic duos who got it done at the Prelims | Prep Girls Hoops (2024)
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