Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (2024)

Best Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024

Find the top alternatives to Sketchpad currently available. Compare ratings, reviews, pricing, and features of Sketchpad alternatives in 2024. Slashdot lists the best Sketchpad alternatives on the market that offer competing products that are similar to Sketchpad. Sort through Sketchpad alternatives below to make the best choice for your needs

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    Canvas X Draw

    Canvas GFX

    $119 per Year

    Graphic Design software that does everything you need! One powerful app for all your vector and raster graphics with unmatched versatility and value. Why buy multiple graphics packages when there’s one application that does it all?With Canvas X Draw you get professional vector graphics and rich photo-editing tools in a single, easy to use application. So whether you’re designing a logo or a floor-plan, making flyers or visuals for your social accounts, or fine-tuning your photos, Canvas X Draw has you covered.So whether you’re making complex technical illustrations, designing a floor-plan, making flyers and logos, or fine-tuning your photos, Canvas X Draw offers some of the best graphic design capabilities on the market. - Vector graphics and Raster images in a single application- Dynamic Menus and toolbars- Picture perfect photo editing- Flaweless image tracing- Design layering- High impact brand assets- Light and dark modes- Countless common and specialized symbolsOne powerful app for all your vector and raster graphics. Simple enough for beginners. Rich enough for pros. Priced for everyone.

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    Canva is an all-in-one design solution, empowering anyone—from students and non-profit organizations to businesses of any size—to design anything they can imagine. Think of all the ways you can use Canva and the versatility it will provide you in day-to-day life, education, or the office. Use the whiteboard feature to flesh out new ideas and keep track of your notes—Edit photos or videos for any occasion. Elevate your resume by building it with a template, or take it further and create a website dedicated to your accomplishments! Companies can develop marketing campaigns and social media advertising with ease. Canva Teams offers real-time collaboration on the same project, helping you create content faster, improve collaboration, and help scale your brand. Try premium features with Canva Pro for free for 30 days, and try exclusive features like background remover, instant animations, scheduling campaigns, brand kits, and resizing formatting options. Canva also has a feature called Magic Write. Magic Write in Canva Docs is an AI text generator to help you write stories, copy, blogs, articles, and more using AI content generation.

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    $11.99 per month

    5 Ratings

    Professional-Level Design. No Art School Required. To make your content look amazing, all you need is a set of templates and tools that are easy to use. Picsart has a tool and template that will help you realize your amazing idea in just a few clicks. You only need the right set of templates and design tools to make your ideas come true. The all-in-one photo editor is free! Create professional-looking photos in minutes. Millions of photos, templates, stickers and other content. Picsart also offers a simple video editor with professional-grade editing tools. This Video Editor is free and does not require any prior editing experience. Picsart's intuitive, flexible video editing tools allow you to create videos right from your browser. Picsart's online video editor makes it easy to cut down on editing time and produce more content in a shorter amount of time. In just 3 minutes, you can create a creative and impressive video. Picsart has a variety of online editing tools.

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    Cloud Maker

    Cloud Maker


    Cloud Maker is Diagram Driven Infrastructure - Drag and drop design, automated deployment and all the benefits of Infrastructure-as-Code, with none of the complexity!Cloud Maker lets you rapidly diagram your infrastructure, check for security issues with Cloud Maker Overwatch, and deploy to the Cloud at the click of a button. Under the hood, we automatically generate Infrastructure-as-Code so that you get all the benefits with none of the complexity.With Cloud Maker, Solution Architects and DevOps engineers can seamlessly design, secure, and deploy Cloud Infrastructure solutions quicker than ever before. As a bonus, when deploying using diagrams, your documentation is always up to date!Key features and benefits:- Draw and export beautiful, standardized infrastructure diagrams- Shift security left with Overwatch, our design-time security scanner- Automatically generate Infrastructure-as-Code- Deploy directly to the Cloud with Cloud Maker Pipelines- Leverage powerful CI/CD integrations with Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions & JFrog

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    Professional blank canvas painting and professional photo-art tools. World-class Natural-Media™ emulation & digital art brushes. Unlimited customization of brushes, textures, or other media. Subscription only. Mac and PC support. FREE brush packs. Painter® allows you to create your own style. Painter® allows you to sketch, paint, illustrate, and create incredible photo-art using hundreds of realistic brushes, unique media, and a variety of artistic tools. Painter 2021's capabilities are as varied as your imagination. You can paint from a blank canvas, or create stunning photo art. You can create your own brushes, textures and patterns. Use these creative brush packs to enhance your paintings. Everything you need for professional digital art software. You can create stunning reality with a variety of media, including dry, wet, or blending media. Use Papers, Flow Maps Patterns, Textures and Gradients to enhance your artwork. Artificial intelligence can be used to style any image or photo.

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    TwistedBrush offers more than 9000 brushes in over 250 ArtSets, with a strong focus to natural media painting, photo editing, and illustrative style. This is more brushes than any other art software at any price. If this isn't enough, you can also create your own brushes using the powerful brush effects system. This allows you to represent fine watercolors, smooth pen strokes, full algorithmic tree, or recorded brush strokes.There are thousands of brushes64-bit ImagingPowerful Brush EngineDrawing Tablet SupportColor palettesBrush EditingTransparency and LayersMasksExtensive Tool KitImage Processing FiltersClipsTracing paperBrush controlCloningSupported image formats:Brush modifiersDrawing guidesLua script filtersOne-click solutionsAdobe Photoshop (TM), compatible plug-ins

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    Designed with your productivity in mind, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is trusted by millions of graphics pros and design teams around the globe for endless creativity with no time wasted. This fully-loaded toolkit for professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing, typography, and collaboration is equal parts creative and efficient: the perfect recipe for delivering breathtaking design projects, quickly. Fast track to fabulous with an affordable, ever-advancing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription, packed with all the tools you need for graphic design on a deadline.

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    $9 per month

    You can create pictures, or combine them with text elements, symbols, filters or text elements. There are over 300 brushes available, as well as many other tools and effects. A professional tool that is easy to use. It has everything you need to create, design, edit photos, or images, and it even captures your imagination. Fully web-based and intuitive user interface. You can be the next Picasso, Michelangelo or DaVinci. You can do it all from the comfort of your sofa. For your next gig, create logos and posters. You will need only your laptop and a wireless internet connection. You can edit and optimize your photos. You can edit and optimize your photos quickly and effortlessly from any device. You can even create your masterpieces with hundreds of brushes. You can even make your own! You can even create your own! You can never stop expanding your imagination. Sumopaint's full power is available to you if you go Pro You can access unlimited layers, layer effects, and many other features.

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    Krita is a free and open-source professional painting program. It was created by artists who want affordable art tools for everyone. A simple user interface that doesn't get in the way. You can move the panels and dockers to suit your workflow. Once you have set up your workspace, you can save it. You can also create shortcuts for common tools. There are over 100 professionally-made brushes that are preloaded. These brushes offer a wide range of effects, so you can see all that Krita has to provide. Do you have a weak hand? To smoothen your brush strokes, add a stabilizer. Krita offers three different ways to smoothen and stabilize your brush strokes. You can even add drag and mass to your brush strokes with the Dynamic Brush tool. You can create comic panels with the built-in vector tools. Drag a word bubble template you have downloaded from the vector library onto your canvas. You can change the anchor points to create new shapes and libraries.

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    Layer-based editing is powerful and non-destructive. This makes it easy to work with multiple images or objects. With powerful retouching tools and restoration tools, you can clone, sharpen, remove dust, scratch marks, red eye, and more. You can modify images or create new ones on a blank canvas using a variety of drawing tools, such as lines, shapes, and brushstrokes. Use typography tools to add text and other interesting effects to photos. Machine learning can quickly improve the quality and size of images. You can easily adjust color, tone, and other parameters with both automatic and manual controls. Corel PHOTOPAINT's effects filters allow you to easily transform images from bokeh and sepia tones. You can create stunning images with more control thanks to our ongoing focus on creating a non-destructive and contextual editing experience that is real-time and easy to use.

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    SketchWow allows you to quickly condense your ideas, concepts, and stories, and then communicate them in a casual and engaging way, using a hand-drawn look. Drag-and-drop pre-built connectors and shapes to create your designs without messy free-hand drawings. Choose from a variety of arrows and frames, characters/people, icon sets, and more. Highlight important details, add scribbles, comments & sticky notes. Then, take your animation to the next step. Brainstorm, storyboard and mindmap without limits dump all these great ideas into a sketch digitally to clearly capture and outline the next big move. Inform your staff about internal policies, strategies and ideas. Outline a revised org chart, a new process or a game plan.

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    Vectornator allows you to design almost anything you can think of up to 30% faster. You can create stunning layout mockups and expressive lettering wherever you are. The pen tool is great for any type of project, from a designer creating a logo on your couch to an illustrator creating a vector painting depicting the Milky Way with thousands upon stars. You can change the type of your nodes or all your nodes by using our powerful gesture controls. Our Auto Trace technology reduces the time it takes to trace images manually by reducing the amount of work required. Our features will make your next publication shine. You can easily manage all text in your document with our text-editing tool. Drag-and-drop images, edit masks, create templates and guides, and use custom fonts in your print document. Our graphic design tool, which includes our flexible grid system, will take your designs to a whole new level.

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    You can choose from thousands of backgrounds, models, and objects to tell your story. Stock photography is not customizable. Make photos that are meaningful and deep. Keep your brand consistent by using the right models, expressions, or environments. JPEGs can be downloaded for free via a link. PSDs cost $20 per month and include all models and objects layered and masked. Our icons are used by thousands of websites and applications. We see many of them in our digital lives. Our icons are part of the urban landscape, and we can see them everywhere: on signs, posters, and ads. It is a huge difference to be able edit the mask images natively. It is very easy to match a background. This completely changes the outcome. Create your realistic photos in minutes. Change your message, reshoot the scene.

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    FotoJet can help you create high-quality graphic designs, photo collages, and edit photos. You can create professional templates and function-focused materials such as collages, posters, cards and banners, as well as social media graphics, posters and cards. You can quickly create high-quality results with powerful design and editing tools without any hassles. Anyone can create professional artworks with just a few clicks. FotoJet is free to use FotoJet is easy to use and requires no registration. FotoJet is a powerful graphic design tool that anyone can use to create amazing results. You can create amazing designs whenever you feel inspired by our vast selection of templates.

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    5X will provide you with more creative tools, exciting new features, and a host other powerful improvements. Procreate is the perfect tool for professional artists, whether you're just starting out or an experienced artist. You can create amazing effects with any brush to transform the way you work. You can customize your adjustments to achieve the exact look you desire, wherever you are. With a variety of new filters and adjustments, creating stunning effects and dramatic finishes is now easier than ever. There are significant improvements to essential filters such as Noise and Blur. You can also create amazing new effects with Glitch and Chromatic Aberration. The perfect finishing touch is achieved with the powerful and flexible new Bloom, Half Tone, and Noise filters. You can add a new dimension to color by mapping custom gradients across value paintings. The Gradient Library is packed with beautiful gradients to get you started.

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    Pixlr, the Online Photo Editor, lets you edit photos and create amazing designs right from your browser. You can experience next-level intuitive photo editing and graphic design using AI-powered tools that allow for fast yet professional edits. Our editor can open almost any image format, including PSD (Photoshop), PXD (Photoshop), JPEG (transparent), PNG (transparent), WebP and SVG. You can start with a blank canvas or choose one of our professionally designed templates. AI design tools will make editing fun and less tedious. It takes just one click to remove all background from photos and trim every hair. AI and Machine Learning will take your photo editing skills to the next level. Simpler steps yield equally stunning results. To edit your photos, toggle on or off and drag sliders left to right. Pixlr makes it easy to create unique photo effects.

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    Vector designs are created using objects and paths, rather than bitmap drawing programs, which only allow you to edit individual pixels in an image. You can paint and fill vector paths that are made up of points, lines and curves. Multiple paths can be combined to create intricate objects. Multiple objects can be arranged to create larger designs. The quality of a vector image is not affected by its size. A bitmap version of the same picture loses quality when it is enlarged. You will be presented with the Documents Browser, which displays a few samples of documents. To open any document, tap it. The fill and stroke colors are updated to the objects when they are selected. The object's colors can be changed by changing the stroke or fill color while they are being selected. Images can also be used to fill objects with colors, gradients, and patterns. Images can even be used to fill text objects.

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    PaintTool SAI

    SYSTEMAX Software Development


    2 Ratings

    PaintTool SAI is a high-quality, lightweight painting software that supports digitizer support and amazing anti-aliased artworks. This software makes digital art more fun and more comfortable. More details:- Full digitizer support with pressureAmazing anti-aliased drawingsHigh accuracy composition with 16bit ARGB channels- Simple, but powerful user interface that is easy to use.- Full support for Intel MMX Technology- Data protection function to prevent abnormal terminations such as bugs.The software comes with a 31-day trial. This software is free to use for the first 31 days. (CAUTION: After the 31-day trial period expires, this software will immediately disable file open/save functions. This means that the painting will be lost from the last saved point.

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    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (22)

    The world's most powerful imaging and graphic design software is at heart of almost every creative project. This includes photo editing and compositing, digital painting, animation and graphic design. You can now use the power of Photoshop on your iPad and desktop to create whatever you want. Our professional photography tools make it simple to edit everyday images or create complete image transformations on both desktop and iPad. You can crop, remove objects, retouch and combine photos. You can play with color and effects. Reimagine the art and beauty of photography. Photoshop is the perfect tool for all your design projects, including packaging, banners and websites. Combining photos and text can create new images. You can create unlimited layers and masks. Paint with brushes that you can control with a stylus or touch on the iPad. You can start on your iPad and finish on the desktop. Your work is automatically saved to cloud and your PSDs remain the same no matter where you're located. Adobe extends Photoshop to the web for sharing, reviewing, and light editing of Photoshop cloud documents (.psdc). Collaborators can open and view your work in the browser, provide feedback, and make basic edits without downloading the app.

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    $4.77 per month

    BeFunky was created with the idea of photo editing and graphic design being simple. You don't need to spend a lot of money to be able create. BeFunky is a powerful yet simple-to-use Photo Editor, Collage Maker, or Graphic Designer for the web. Our online platform has hundreds of fully customizable templates, a large library of tools, as well as stunning design elements. BeFunky's mobile Photo Editor is available for iOS and Android. With photo editing and graphic design made easy, what will you create today? BeFunky's online Creative Platform is all-in-one and includes everything you need to edit photos, create graphic designs and make photo collages.

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    $7.99 per month

    1 Rating

    PicMonkey's online image editor tools make it easy to create stunning images. Filters and editing tools will take your photos, designs, or social media posts to the next stage. Start a free trial on your desktop or mobile device! Get a free trial subscription to try the photo editing tools. PicMonkey allows you to crop, resize, apply filters or effects, adjust color and exposure, and even add filters. You can add text to your photo, or use graphics to give it a finishing touch. After editing a photo you can share it directly to social media, or download it as a JPG or PNG, PDF or GIF.

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    Editing photos doesn't need to be difficult. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer makes photo editing easy! You can quickly fix all those pesky photo errors like bad lighting, red-eye or missing colors. All you need is Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. You can create stunning photo collages with its professional effects and easy-to-use filters in just seconds. Digital cameras make it easy to take thousands of photos. You need a photo editor that is intuitive, fast, and efficient. It should be able to automatically organize and archive your photos, and provide all the professional tools that you need to fix your photos without you having to be a professional. Xara Photo and Graphic Designer have all the great qualities that you want in a photo editor. It is easy to use, intuitive, and powerful enough for even the most complex photo editing tasks.

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    $7.95 per month

    Pixelied is a graphic solution for digital marketers, content creators, and bloggers. It includes pre-made templates and stock photos, fonts, fonts, and editing tools. Create stunning designs in seconds. You will find all the tools you need to create stunning designs. Pixelied is all you need to be a designer. You can easily retouch ecommerce product images and replace backgrounds. Designers used to spend hours on these tasks. These tasks can now be completed in a matter of minutes. A growing library of professionally designed templates that include header images, thumbnails, story graphics, post graphics, and more. These templates can be used for all marketing channels including email, social media, streaming, and online streaming. Pixelied allows you to brand your business beautifully and quickly. Create your designs using 4+ million royalty-free stock photographs. Our huge library of thousands icons will spice up your designs.

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    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (28)

    Simple photo editor with AI to help you edit your photos the way you see it.Luminar Neo calculates depth and creates a 3D Map, allowing you to spread light in 3D space naturally across a 2D picture. You can also darken certain parts of an image by relighting the foreground and background separately. This allows for creative relighting to bring your artistic visions to life. Portrait Background RemovalAI was created on the basis MaskAI, a smart AI technology which quickly detects and selects objects in a photo. You can forget about tedious manual selections. Automatically remove the entire background behind your people. Portrait Background RemovalAI is a powerful tool that helps Luminar artists expand their ideas. Focus on your subject and get the perfect space to make further adjustments to your compositions.

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    Instantly visualize your ideas with AI-powered creative tools. AI-powered tools help you visualize your ideas instantly. Rendering is quick and easy. Quick sketches allow you to create a high-quality render in seconds, without the need for manual rendering. Sketch using your iPad or drawing tablet of choice. Ideate quickly and efficiently to accelerate your creativity and innovation. Create unique renders to boost your ideation process without interrupting your creative sprint. Never get the same image again. Share assets and projects with your team. Share your ideas with your team and see what they can create. Download the Vizcom desktop app for Windows or Mac and start using your drawing tablet.

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    NCH Software


    2 Ratings

    DrawPad Graphic Design and Drawing includes pencil and brush tools, vector and raster images, image layers for non destructive editing, and effects like shadows and bevels. You can easily draw and create graphic images. You can create banner ads, invitations and paintings. Editing options include crop, rotate and resize as well as flip. DrawPad is great for creating images, drawings and sketches. DrawPad supports jpg, gif and pdf formats.

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    NCH Software


    PhotoPad's picture editor is the fastest way to edit digital photos. PhotoPad is one the most stable, user-friendly, and comprehensive photo editors. PhotoPad is a powerful photo editor that can be used by professional photographers or for personal editing.

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    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (32)




    1 Rating

    PixTeller Editor allows you to instantly design, download, share, and modify custom graphics, animations and social media photos.It's easy to do from your browser. You can choose from thousands of templates or create your own images & animations - no design skills required.Join our fun, creative, and resourceful community of over 200.000 people. They have been using our Photo & Animation Maker Tool to design, thereby growing their businesses.

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    Chasys Draw IES is a suite that includes a layer-based editor with adjustment layers and linked layers, timeline, and frame animation. It also supports icon editing, image stacking and comprehensive plug-in support (Chasys Draw IES artist), a multi-threaded image converter (Chasys Draw IES Convert) and a fast viewer (Chasys Draw IESViewer). All components include RAW image support. It supports several other file formats, including Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint and Paint.NET. The entire suite is optimized to make efficient use of multi-core processors and touch-screens. Chasys Draw IES is a revolutionary approach to image editing that was created with the motto "uniquely flexible, powerful, and powerful".

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    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (35)

    This is the official website for the GNU Image Manipulation Programme (GIMP). GIMP is a cross platform image editor that works on Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux. You can modify its source code and distribute your modifications. GIMP is a powerful tool for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, scientists, and others. GIMP offers many customization options and third-party plugins that can help you increase your productivity. GIMP offers all the tools you need for high-quality image manipulation. GIMP allows you to create creative composites and retouch images. GIMP is used to create icons, graphical design elements, mockups, and art for user interface components. GIMP is a high-quality framework for scripted image manipulating, with multilingual support such as C++, C++, Python, Scheme and many more!

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    $4.99 per month

    1 Rating

    Use the browser to create beautiful designs. MockoFun makes graphic design easy. Online editing of photos using photo filters and blending mode. You can add photo borders, photo frames, photo vignettes, photo overlays, and other cool effects to your photos online. MockoFun can be used to create a logo. Use clipart images and vector shapes to create a logo. To create a unique logo design, label design or sticker design, you can add curved text or circular text. MockoFun is an online text editor that allows you to use your favorite fonts. 800 fonts are available for free. You can create curved, circular, highlight, and outline text. You can insert text symbols and create cool effects with them! MockoFun offers one of the most popular online text design tools! It's easy to create text graphics! MockoFun is a great graphic design tool. MockoFun is an online graphic editor that allows you to create amazing designs. Online is easier than ever and MockoFun makes it really easy.

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    Photo editor, collage maker, graphic designer. All you need to make your photos online great. iPiccy offers many powerful and simple-to-use photo editing tools, all within your browser. You can auto-adjust photos with just one click. You can crop, rotate, and resize images quickly. More than 100+ photo effects, PRO-level photo enhancements and facial retouching. This is the best place to upload your photos. iPiccy's innovative collage maker allows you to create stunning photo collages. The creation process is easy and fun with numerous templates and adjustments. To create a masterpiece, you can change the background color, size, roundness, and cell size. One of the easiest and most effective online graphic design tools. You can add text, stickers, overlays, and text to create unique designs for any purpose. To get started, click on a photo or to see some samples.

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    $7.95 per month

    Picmaker is an online design tool that can meet all your design needs. Our free graphic design software can create everything you need, including thumbnails, YouTube banners, graphics for all social networks posts, ads banners flyers, banners and banners. Take a look at our wide selection of templates to find the right one for you. We have everything you need, including a festival design, a greeting cards, a banner, a poster and certificates of recognition. Our motto "Design the Future" is our promise to help you create unique, jaw-dropping designs for your personal and professional needs. The best part? It doesn't matter if you're new to design, or an experienced designer with a large portfolio of stunning designs.

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    Affinity Photo


    $13.78 one time payment

    It would be like this if you could create your own photo editing program. Affinity Photo can do it all, from quick corrections to delicate retouching to immersing yourself into complex fine art with hundreds upon layers, Affinity Photo has it all. Affinity Photo is the preferred choice for creative professionals and photographers around the globe, who love its speed and power, as well as its precision. It was designed to integrate seamlessly with the most powerful computer technology. Affinity Photo's raw power will amaze you at how fast you can work. You can see your edits in real-time and dive into the vast toolset that is tailored to professional workflows. Affinity Photo offers a comprehensive set of tools and dedicated features that will help you make quick corrections or take time to do a thorough retouch.

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    Ambient Design

    $47 one-time payment

    ArtRage is a digital artist’s studio that uses familiar tools and looks just like the real thing. It can be used to create thick, expressive oils or delicate watercolors. Blend thick oils to create natural color variations. Use pencils to sketch and shade using the tip. Use delicate watercolor strokes to react to the canvas texture. All this and more, with no fuss! ArtRage currently supports the following languages and systems. Photos can be used as references while you paint. Use Grids, Perspective Layout, and Guides to help you. Features Layers, Blend Modes, as well as other industry standards. ArtRage offers both traditional tools and powerful digital utilities. It is the ideal creative tool for everyone, from kids to professionals, to amateurs to professionals. ArtRage automatically displays a variety of complements to help you make color choices.

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    You can easily create content that promotes your brand on every platform, including your website, social media posts, and advertising. Ready-to-edit templates allow you to capture your brand's unique style. With just a few clicks, you can change colors and fonts or add text to images. This one doesn't require any learning. GoDaddy Studio was created to make it easy to create beautiful content in just minutes. Beautifully branded content gives your business a consistent look across all platforms, from your website to social media posts and everything in between. GoDaddy Studio's free version lets you create professional designs in minutes. However, if you want premium templates and advanced photo editing tools, the Websites + Basic plan is for you. You will have unlimited design capabilities for your brand content and a website with built-in marketing tools that will help you showcase your work.

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    €12 per month

    Paper's finely-tuned tools allow you to draw, sketch, collage, paint, or paint wherever your thoughts take. Let go of distracting menus and let nature's gestures guide your creativity. The Paper store has a variety of creative prompts. These include how-to guides, daily activities, and guides. It's easy to connect the dots between a fleeting thought and the final masterpiece with tips and tricks from top artists. You can add multiple photos to one page and simply cut, stick, move and fix them without having to deal with complicated layers. You can draw inspiration from any source, including storyboards and mood boards. It doesn't matter where or how you get your ideas. It's easy to put them on paper. You can organize pages into beautiful journals, and sync them across all your devices so you can pick up where you left off. Paper Pro is a subscription service that allows you to take your creativity to the next level. It includes more features, journals, and tools. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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    Never lose another idea. No matter how often you draw, inspiration can strike at any time. You can easily record, organize, sketch, and brainstorm ideas with photos, images, or text. This journal will help you capture and develop your most important thoughts. Morpholio Journal offers a wide range of high-quality drawing and writing tools, including pencils, paint, pens, and pencils. It is perfect for artists, designers, photographers, artists and travelers. The unique book interface allows for instant and simple navigation of thousands of pages, unlocking endless potential. Finally, you can keep track everything you encounter and discover new ways to visualize and test the world around.

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    $8.99 per month

    2 Ratings

    Fotor's photo editor makes it easy to edit photos in just a few mouse clicks. It supports all online photo editing tools. You can crop, resize, add text to photos and even create photo collages. Fotor's online editor is packed with tons of great tools that will help you improve your photos. You can edit photos, retouch portraits and remove backgrounds. Here are some of the most popular photo editing tools. Fotor's photo editor makes it easy to edit images. You will find a variety of editing tools and photo effects that will meet your editing needs. It is ideal for both professionals and beginners. Fotor's powerful photo editor offers multiple platforms. Apart from the online photo editor it also offers the photo editor app versions, including the iOS photo editor and Android picture editor. There are also programs for Windows and Mac. All of these photo editor software can be downloaded for free.

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    You can draw a picture with your friends over the internet using your browser. To begin drawing together, create a new canvas. You can use the application to create a complete painting with other artists, or as a sketchpad to brainstorm or collaborate on a project that needs visual aids. This application allows you to share the joy of drawing and collaborate with friends. You can create a picture together, even if you live on the other side. For stylus support on older Windows platforms, a plugin is required. The entire application is written using TypeScript, which is a typed superset JavaScript that compiles to regular JavaScript. Node.js server runs the server-side code with the express framework. The Angular framework is used to build the user interface. It connects to the server via WebSockets. The entire application is built using HTML5 standards without flash or browser plugins.

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    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (46)

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (47)

    Amazing photos. No matter where you are. Lightroom, a cloud-based service, gives you everything that you need to edit and organize your photos. You can create photos that are exactly how you want them to look with easy-to-use tools such as presets and sliders. You can start on mobile, desktop, or web. Your edits will automatically be applied to all other devices. Cloud storage starting at 1TB and more allows you to access your library from anywhere you are. All your photos can be accessed from one location. Lightroom can manage unlimited photos, so you can stay organized and on top. Learn how to use Lightroom in your mobile device. Get inspiration from professional photographers and educators. Are you looking for photos of your cousin, or from one of your favorite trips to the sea? Adobe Sensei machine-learning recognizes people and themes. It makes it easy to find a photo or create albums.

  • 42

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (48)


    Eltima Software


    PhotoBulk is a Mac image editor that can handle a variety of image editing tasks. Our Mac image editing software has all you need: it is your Mac watermark software, image resizer and image compressor, and can even convert images in just a few clicks. PhotoBulk can rename photos on Mac.

  • 43

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (49)

    HDR Efex Pro


    $99.99 one-time payment

    Complex tone mapping was required to produce convincing HDR images that look natural. HDR Efex Pro makes it easy to create stunning HDR images in just a few mouse clicks. Multiple photos of the same subject taken at different exposures with a camera's bracketing function create great HDR images. HDR Efex Pro does all the calculations and work to combine multiple exposures to create dramatic HDR photos that look natural and stunning. Even though many HDR photos require multiple exposures, there are times when you only have one image and want to achieve the HDR look. HDR Efex Pro's advanced tone-mapping algorithm allows you to increase the dynamic range of one image and achieve a classic HDR look. This tool is ideal for adding drama to landscape photos. HDR Efex Pro, like other Nik Collection 3 plugins, includes U POINT technology to apply precise local adjustments.

  • 44

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (50)

    Xara Designer Pro, our flagship product, includes all the photo editing, DTP, and web design features. It includes photo & graphic designer premium, page & layout designer, and web designer premium. It's a single solution that can handle all your creative work for print and web. These are just a few of the reasons we think Xara Designer Pro is a great choice for all your graphic designing needs. Xara Designer Pro, our flagship all-in one creative title, is it. It provides all the tools needed to complete a variety of graphic design tasks. Normally, there would be three or more separate programs. Xara Designer Pro is built on one of the most advanced, high-performance vector rendering engines in the world.

  • 45

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (51)



    $9 per month

    Social media visuals, ad banners and email images. The complete solution to scale visual design production. Document management, creative automation and REST API are all included. All your generated image variations can be downloaded in one click. You can modify every text, color, or image in a graphic on the fly. In just a few clicks, you can create images and graphics in multiple formats. You can create unlimited banner templates and different design variations in bulk. You can choose from our collection of templates or create your own. You have access to 2.000.000+ photos and 900+ fonts, 700+ icons, filters, and many more. You can speed up your production by turning your creative ideas in templates and creating all versions for your social media channels. You can instantly create different sizes of a design, and then group them together to make changes once you have applied them.

  • 46

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (52)

    Illustrator Draw allows you to create beautiful vector designs on your mobile device. This app lets you transform your ideas into high-quality artwork whenever inspiration strikes. Draw brings together your favorite vector drawing tools and features in a modern interface that makes it easy to transform any idea or inspiration into a stunning design. You can launch Adobe Capture directly from the app. Create a new shape and it will instantly appear on your Draw canvas. Drawing is part of Adobe Illustrator, so you can send your designs to Illustrator directly to have them refined on your desktop. You can choose from five pre-installed vector brushes. You can customize your toolbar to include only the brushes you prefer, and draw with up 10 layers and a photograph layer. You can send drawings to your desktop, edit them in Illustrator, or use them as reference and incorporate them in other designs in Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • 47

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (53)

    You can create stunning social media graphics in seconds. This graphic design tool is easy to use for bloggers, business owners, social media marketers, and others. You can easily create stunning blog headers, compelling ads, and social media graphics. It's easier than ever to create images. You'll find more royalty-free images than anything you can imagine. Every week, thousands of new photos are added. Our premium templates make it easy to create beautiful images faster. If you are creating visuals for multiple brands, upload and store all variations of your logo. Stencil allows you to quickly create inspiring quotes by simply browsing through our selection of quotes. Use any of the thousands of Google web fonts to find the right font for you. Upload your fonts to Stencil to match your brand and make sure they are used in all your visuals. Beautiful icons at your fingertips, royalty-free, and safe to use however they please (personal or commercial).

  • 48

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (54)

    The digital drawing and painting app allows you to create illustrations and render ideas. SketchBook drawing and painting software allows designers, architects, and conceptual artists to quickly sketch ideas and create stunning illustrations. Professional drawing tools with a beautiful interface. It can be used with both touch and stylus input. SketchBook features professional drawing tools and a beautiful interface. It makes it easy to quickly access your tools whenever you need them. SketchBook lets you access familiar tools such as pencils, inks and markers in a digital space. There are also over 190 customizable brushes that allow you to incorporate textures and shapes. SketchBook is used by professionals for its speed and precision, but also because it feels right. Your SketchBook illustrations can be imported into Revit. Your SketchBook file can be used as an underlay and you can build your model directly on top of it. SketchBook is a quick way to quickly sketch and iterate.

  • 49

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (55)

    Discover the next generation of drawing tool. Discover new tools and AI to unleash your creativity. Watch your vision unfold while your strokes guide AI. Use prompts to guide the AI to bring your visions to life. You're in control. Use the sliders to fine-tune AI. Shuffle the seeds to explore endless possibilities. Pause to stop AI collaboration. Detail enhancement and polishing your masterpiece. Sliders help you bring rough concepts to life. Layers allow you to experiment and refine your work with ease. Add text, images, and shapes to your artwork. A brush library to satisfy every artistic desire. Try Muse Pro for free to experience AI-powered creative collaboration. A large selection of hundreds of beautifully designed brushes. Brush sets to organize your painting, sketching and drawing tools. Custom.brushset brushes can be imported and exported.

  • 50

    Top Sketchpad Alternatives in 2024 (56)

    Geographic Imager

    Avenza Systems

    $99 per license

    Geographic Imager®, a mapping software that enhances Adobe Photoshop, makes spatial imagery work fast and efficiently. It allows you to import, edit and manipulate geospatial imagery such as satellite and aerial imagery. You can use native Adobe Photoshop functions like filters, transparencies, pixel editing and image adjustments such as brightness, contrast and curve controls, while still maintaining spatial referencing. Any image format that Adobe Photoshop can open and display can be used as the basis of a spatial image. Import industry-used spatial image formats like GeoTIFF, MrSID and NITF. Import digital elevation formats like Esri GRID and BIL, USGSDEM, and more. The Geographic Imager panel gives you quick and easy access to all the functions and tools. All spatial information about the image, including the coordinate system, the world location of the corners and pixel size.

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