Do I need an Oktoberfest-outfit? Dirndl or Lederhose? (2024)

No, you don’t. Really, you just don’t. “Trachten”, traditional costumes have always been part of Oktoberfest, even in its very first edition, the public celebration of the wedding of Prince Ludwig and his Therese in 1810. Also, they have been worn by rural visitors all these years. However, the current costume-mania is a fashion trend which came up in the 2000s. Munich locals usually refused to wear alpine-style clothing, which has completely changed since then. Today, most Oktoberfest visitors wear some kind of costume, which resemble traditional alpine Bavarian clothing to a certain degree. For all those, who want to know more, we wrote an article on “What is a Tracht?”.

You really don’t need to buy a pair of cheap Lederhosen or a trashy Dirndl imitation just to fit in. You certainly should put something on, but the way you dress actually isn’t important. A little advice for men, who are still eager to buy clothes for the occasion: you will often get told to buy checkered shirts, as they’re so traditional. Well, they’re not at all. Get a white one.

If you'd like to show that you're an Oktoberfest geek all year round, you may want to get the Wiesnkini T-Shirt.

Do I need an Oktoberfest-outfit? Dirndl or Lederhose? (2024)


Do I need an Oktoberfest-outfit? Dirndl or Lederhose? ›

Dressing up in traditional clothing isn't required to attend Oktoberfest, but it does add to the festive mood and almost everyone will be dressed up! Women should wear or mimic the look of a traditional dirndl dress, which is worn with a white blouse and white apron.

Do I have to wear a dirndl to Oktoberfest? ›

Maybe your simply not feelin' it or maybe you don't have a perfect dirndl or any traditional clothing (yet). Whatever your reason is, there is no Oktoberfest dress code and you do not have to wear traditional bavarian attire! If you're more comfortable, you can wear "regular clothes."

How to dress for Oktoberfest without a dirndl? ›

If you don't want to dress up for Oktoberfest, here are some suggestions: A pair of trousers and a checkered shirt are a terrific choice for males. You'll feel cozy while maintaining a festive appearance. A pretty top, skirt, or sundress are usually nice options for women.

What is the best outfit to wear to Oktoberfest? ›

Dirndls, for women, and lederhosen for men and some women, make up Munich's Oktoberfest trachten, or traditional costumes, and with well in excess of 90% of revellers in the beer halls sporting some kind of Oktoberfest dirndl or lederhosen, for even the short-term visitor an investment in some Oktoberfest outfits can ...

Do it yourself Oktoberfest costume? ›

Traditional German Clothing

If you don't want to invest in a pair of lederhosen, you can also try wearing a pair of dark jeans with a button-down shirt. For women, a dirndl is a way to go. These pretty dresses are traditionally worn with an apron, and they come in a variety of colors and styles.

What not to wear at Oktoberfest? ›

Can I wear jeans and a T-shirt to Oktoberfest? While there are no strict rules, wearing jeans and a T-shirt may make you feel out of place in the festive atmosphere and traditional outfits. It's recommended to dress up in traditional attire or at least opt for a more stylish and festive outfit.

Do you wear a bra with a dirndl? ›

Always wear a special dirndl bra. Incorrectly fitting and visible bras are an absolute no-go. Always select the right colour bra to wear under your dirndl blouse. It's best to try on the bra underneath your dirndl and blouse to find the perfect bra to go with your outfit.

What is the etiquette for the dirndl? ›

Put on the Dirndl dress, ensuring that the bodice fits snugly and that the skirt falls just below the knee. Tie the apron around your waist, with the bow on your left side if you are single, on your right if you are married, or in the middle if you are a widow. The bow should be neat and not too large.

Do you wear socks with a dirndl? ›

Socks and stockings are commonly worn in the colder months with a dirndl dress. It can get fresh in autumn, and stockings are the best way to keep yourself warm. Dirndl can be worn without socks and stockings in the hotter summer months, as long as it suits the footwear.

Can I just show up to Oktoberfest? ›

The average Oktoberfest visit does not include a table reservation, hence, without one, you're in good company. All the large tents, except the Weinzelt and Käfer, are obliged to keep large sections unreserved. As many struggle to find free seats nonetheless, we'd like to offer some tips to you.

What do you call Oktoberfest outfits female? ›

A dirndl is the name of a woman's dress traditionally worn in southern Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Alpine regions of Italy. The dirndl is a folk costume (in German – Tracht), and today is generally regarded as a traditional dress for women and girls in the Alps.

Can you buy Oktoberfest outfits in Germany? ›

At Londenfrey, you'll discover a gorgeous luxury department store featuring traditional clothing for men, women, and kids, covering multiple floors. There's also a large selection of traditional Bavarian clothing, like Lederhosen and Dirndl outfits (the kind often worn to Oktoberfest festivities).

Can you wear a dirndl without a blouse? ›

Some dirndl dresses feature higher bodices and can be worn as two-pieces without a blouse; otherwise, you will need to remember to add a blouse to your dress and can choose between short puff and elbow-length sleeves. Speaking of length, there are various skirt lengths to choose from, too: mini, midi, and full-length.

Are purses allowed at Oktoberfest? ›

Which handbags am I allowed to take to the Oktoberfest? If you have large luggage with you, you are not allowed to take it to the festival grounds. Bags and backpacks may have a maximum volume of three liters and be no larger than 20 x 15 x 10 centimeters.

What can you not bring to Oktoberfest? ›

Backpacks and large bags are generally forbidden within the festival area. Leave everything at home that you won't need while partying. It'll be much quicker to get into the Oktoberfest if you don't have a bag or backpack with you.

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