Bras & Push-ups (2024)

Dirndl- and Trachten fashion are absolutely in! Whether as a sexyMini Dirndlat the theme party, as a traditional costume dress at the Oktoberfest or simply as a light summer dress - theDirndlis firmly interwoven with German traditions and is increasingly being used by young wearers for a variety of occasions, carried from Oktoberfest and weddings to the village fair. To put your Dirndl in the spotlight perfectly, you will find the perfectDirndl brain ourextensive online shop.

Why a special bra for the Dirndl?

A classic Dirndl, however long, usually consists of adress, anapronand aDirndl blouse, which cleverly directs attention to the décolleté.

The right bra underneath the Dirndl iscrucial for the perfect fitand the ideal effect of the traditional dress. Often it is difficult for customers to choose the rightDirndl bra- but if a few tips are taken into account, nothing stands in the way of acombination of sensuality and comfort.

What sets the Dirndl bra apart from a regular model?

A bra for Dirndl is in most cases aDirndl push-up bra, which supports the breast well and thus provides good support and agreat look in the low-cut Dirndl blouse.

The special cut of the Dirndl push-up also ensures that under the Dirndlno straps, lace or other parts of the underwear can be seen, which are often not hidden when wearing a normal bra due to thewide-cut shoulder area. Since the Dirndl bra is exactly tailored to the cut of the dirndl blouse, it blends harmoniously into the image of the costume and makes you look just gorgeous!

Important: How to wear the Dirndl bra correctly!

Which bra is worn under the Dirndl is essential for the overall look of the costume, because thewell-formed, deep, usually round or rectangular necklineis typical of the modern Dirndl.

As with any other bra, you should of course also decide in the selection of the Dirndl bra on the right size, becauseonly the right fitting bra can optimally support your breast. Especially with prolonged wear - for example, while dancing for hours at the Oktoberfest – a well-fitted bra canprevent unpleasant phenomena such as back pain and tension. The elastic material also ensures ahigh wearing comfort.

Once you've found the perfectDirndl push-uporbalconnet brafor you, you'll immediately notice that your décolleté is well-defined and sits perfectly in the blouse. This is often not the case with a normal bra, as the push-up effect is usually much less than with a special Dirndl bra.

Our range of Dirndl bras

In our shop you can find Dirndl bras in all popular cup sizes. Of course, there are alsoDirndl bras in bigger sizes, which also optimally stage a larger bust in Dirndl. Our Dirndl bras are therefore available insizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. These correspond to the followingchest measurements:

  • S = 65 - 75 cm
  • M = 75 - 85 cm
  • L = 85 - 95 cm
  • XL = 95 - 105 cm
  • XXL = 105 - 120 cm

In our assortment you will also find models withremovable strapsand special bras that can beworn over a regular bra.

Find the perfect bra for the Dirndl - and other accessories!

In addition, in ouronline shop, you can expect alarge selection of accessories at reasonable prices, such as:

  • Trachten shoesfor a particularly authentic look
  • Petticoatsthat stage the medium-length and short Dirndl perfectly
  • Jewelrythat rounds off your outfit
  • orhandbagsin which you can stow everything you need on the go

Simply browse through our product range and discover our huge selection of traditional costumes,combining style and traditionwith a sense for trends.

The right panties underneath your Dirndl

One of the best insider tips that you can find in search ofthe perfect Dirndl, is probably: to choose the perfect underwear! Of course, this refers to the comfortable, formingDirndl bra, to which you combinematching, comfortable Dirndl panties. The slips from our range are decorated withsweet, discreet lace detailsorfiligree ribbonsand are available separately, but can be combined in a set.

It also counts what's below the surface

Have you thought about what kind of Dirndl bra you would like to wear under your Dirndl? In our shop, you will find a large selection of different models that are tailored to your Dirndl:

  • Without push-up- for a discreet and natural look
  • With push-up- to stage your cleavage perfectly

Both variations have a special, wide cut, which ensures that no straps, lace or other parts of the underwear under the Dirndl can be seen.

In our assortment, you will also find models with removable straps and special bras that can be worn over the normal bra.

But not only on top everything has to be right, but also below! Many forget to look formatching Oktoberfest panties. So that you do not have to think about your panties at the Oktoberfest - or on any other occasion - you will find a large selection ofpractically invisible slipsandpretty white briefs.

  • Matching additions to our bras
  • Soft material
  • Withpretty embroideryordelicate lace
  • Without a pinching waistband on the belly

No matter if you preferbriefs,stringsor the classicpanties– in our online shop you will definitely find something! And of course you can wear your Dirndl slips under any other outfit and dream about the Oktoberfest again and again in everyday life ...

Bras & Push-ups (2024)


Does push-up bra really work? ›

The pads in push up bras push your breasts inwards and a little higher. This provides a lift making your 'twin-mountains' appear fuller. To break it down, the only stark difference between a padded bra and a push up bra would be– A push up bra enhances cleavage while padded bras make your chest 'look' bigger.

Do push-up bras work on saggy breasts? ›

More than just a cleavage enhancer, a push-up bra can provide lift, create a fuller or rounder look and even lend much-needed support for those with small and large breasts. Plus, the shaping and smoothing benefits of wearing a good push-up bra can help boost your confidence.

Can pushups reduce belly fat? ›

So to the question of whether push-ups reduce belly fat, the answer is Yes, provided that it is combined with a healthy diet, controlled calorie intake and combined with some complementary exercises. support (as above) to strengthen abdominal muscles, reduce fat, burn belly fat methodically and effectively.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 push-up bras? ›

Level 1: These bras gently lift your breasts, making them appear fuller. These work best for women with full or semi-full breasts. 2. Level 2: These bras provide a moderate lift to your breasts, adding about one cup size to your original breast size.

Why not to wear push-up bra? ›

There are a lot of myths circulating around push up bras. Some fear that daily wear will cause breast sagging and ligament damage over time. However, this is simply not the case! You can absolutely wear a well-fitting push up bra daily without any issues.

Do push-up bras help shape breasts? ›

Push-up bras very gently lift your breast tissues and give them a better shape. In fact, long usage of push-up bras can help contour your breasts making the tissues rounder, fuller & firmer. A push-up bra is a style that can make any woman feel confident instantly. It has the power to make you feel sexy and beautiful.

Can a sagging breast be firm again? ›

Sagging breast tissue cannot regain its youthful firmness without plastic surgery. Unfortunately, measures such as exercising your chest muscles, eating healthy, and applying topical creams are not enough to correct pronounced sagging and drooping.

Which bra is best for sagging and heavy breasts? ›

underwired bras

they give ample support as well as a lift to your bust region. so if you are confused about which one to choose sports bra vs normal bra and can't decide then you can go with an underwired bra because they are lightweight and come with no pads, making them perfect for sagging breasts.

Can I wear a push-up bra every day? ›

Yes, a well-fitting push-up bra is fine for daily wear. The padding adds an extra level of comfort and makes you feel really supported. You may love the style and how you feel or choose to mix it up with other styles (we have plenty to choose from!).

What exercise burns the most belly fat for females? ›

Some great cardio of aerobic exercises for belly fat include:
  • Walking, especially at a quick pace.
  • Running.
  • Biking.
  • Rowing.
  • Swimming.
  • Cycling.
  • Group fitness classes.
Apr 25, 2023

Does walking reduce belly fat? ›

A research study states that regular walking helps reduce belly fat, which improves the body's response to insulin. Walking for at least 30 minutes every day allows you to prevent weight gain. It can also strengthen the muscles in your legs and tone your legs.

Which is better, plank or push up? ›

Accordingly, push-ups can do more to build upper body strength than planks can. To achieve the best level of fitness, you'll benefit from doing both exercises. However, if you're looking to pick between planks and push-ups, where you're at in your fitness journey may indicate which is the better choice for you.

What does "t-shirt bra" mean? ›

T-shirt bras are seamless, with smooth, moulded cups that provide a natural, rounded shape under your shirts and dresses. They're called t-shirt bras because women frequently have trouble finding bras that won't show through t-shirts, so this bra category was born.

What is better plunge or push-up bra? ›

Comparing both, push-up bras aim for upliftment, but plunge bras prioritize neckline compatibility. Plunge bras offer subtlety under deep necklines, whereas push-up bras create a more pronounced bust. Users prefer push-up bras for enhanced shape, yet plunge bras are favored for specific outfit requirements.

How to tell if a girl is wearing a push-up bra? ›

One of the easiest ways to tell if a woman is wearing a padded bra is by observing the shape of her bust. A padded bra typically offers a round and uplifted appearance, creating a full, symmetrical silhouette. It differs from an unpadded bra, which tends to follow the natural curve of the breasts more closely.

How much difference does a push-up bra make? ›

Push-ups create dramatic cleavage and can instantly add one, sometimes even two, cup sizes to your bust. The difference between a push-up and a padded bra can sometimes be less than an inch in thickness, which often causes confusion between the two.

Is it safe to wear push-up bra everyday? ›

Yes, a well-fitting push-up bra is fine for daily wear. The padding adds an extra level of comfort and makes you feel really supported. You may love the style and how you feel or choose to mix it up with other styles (we have plenty to choose from!).

What age should you wear a push-up bra? ›

You have to be 16 to get your learner's permit, 18 to vote, 25 to rent a car... but there aren't any age restrictions on push-up bras.

Are push-up bras good for small breasts? ›

The best bras for enhancing small breasts

For added oomph, choose a lightly padded or push-up bra to enhance your bust. Wonderbra's Refined Glamour push-up bra comes in size 32A upwards.

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