Best Undergarments to Wear with Dirndl Outfits (2024)

Underneath every great German dirndl is a great set of underwear. Sometimes the perfect bra can make or break your Oktoberfest look. So let’s start at the top and work our way down, for what Rare Dirndl approved undergarments work best for your dirndl dress and what to avoid.

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The Ideal Bra for a Dirndl

There are so many different types of bras out there… probably to go along with all types of boobs! I find the key to making your girls fit properly in your dirndl dress starts with the right bra. I have small ones, so I use the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell push-up and I love it! It really makes my dirndl dresses fit so much better and creates the illusion of an even smaller waist. If you have big boobs, my friends use the Body by Victoria’s Secret Demi Bra. Since I am not an expert in the large boobie department, I asked one of my well-endowed bffs and she said, “My bra has natural support, no extra padding or push-up… it lifts them up without pushing them all out and in your face!”

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Your bra doesn't has to be from Victoria’s Secret. The key is giving your bust a nice shape, having a bra that fits well and puts the ladies where they are supposed to be.

Nude Bras are a MUST

Whether you have big tatas or you are a member of the itty bitty titty committee, my number one advice is a NUDE bra! One of the biggest bra mistakes that I see women make is wearing a bright color or a print. It’s the easiest way to find yourself looking silly when your bra color shows through your dirndl blouse. Sometimes, even with a black blouse, you can run into trouble. So if you're going to spend the money on a dirndl bra, go nude! You won’t regret it!

Some people like to use a basic bustline shaper to help with extra cleavage. I have never personally used one, but I’ve seen them and they definitely help push up the girls if that is the look you’re going for.

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Tank top or Camisole

If you're concerned that it may be chilly, a simple way to give yourself more layers without changing the look of your German dirndl is to wear a tight tank top. My new favorite is the nude BKE Super Long Strappy Tank Top. It’s a tight slimming tank that doesn’t interfere with your blouse neckline. I love it and tend to wear it under my dirndl blouse and dirndl most times when it’s not 80+ degrees outside.

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Simple and Comfortable Underpants

Everyone has their panty preferences, but with a dirndl dress, I have 2 general rules, cotton and comfort. Chances are you’ll either be polkaing and parting or eating, drinking or socializing… or all of the above! Cotton gives you the breathability you want (so you avoid the dreaded swampass) and regular ol’ comfortable underwear makes it easy to enjoy all the other fun activities that come with wearing a dirndl! My current favorite brand for underwear is from Pact Apparel. Best Undergarments to Wear with Dirndl Outfits (5)

Bloomers - Yes, BLOOMERS!

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Whatever underpants you decide on, you will most likely want a pair of bloomers as well. Also, sometimes referred to as pettipants, these are essential, cute, blousy shorts to wear under your German dirndl so you don’t make any Omas blush while you're dancing at the next folk festival.

You’ll need bloomers if you plan on:

  • Polkaing your heart out
  • Performing with your dance group
  • Chasing after a toddler (ask me how I know zis)
  • Drinking a lot of good German Beer (falling without bloomers may result in a show you weren’t expecting)
  • Doing a lot of spinning (for whatever reason)
  • Standing on tables
  • Going somewhere super windy
  • Playing with kids which may involve crawling, sliding or swinging

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Bloomers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but I do love our fun cotton prints and elegant satin bloomers! They are not super hot, not super long… just what you’re looking for to protect your booty from wandering eyes. Click here to check out our fun bloomer styles.

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Petticoat or Slip?

Both of these may be garments you either put away in a box in 1998 or maybe have only seen your Oma still wear… but when it comes to German dirndls, it’s worth learning a little bit more and potentially bustin' these bad boys out of the attic.


These super flirty and fun skirts add fullness to your German dirndls and also add a layer of protection… not from falling on your butt, but from sunlight! Even heavy fabrics, when faced with direct sunlight, can appear “see-through”. With some fabrics, in direct sunlight, someone might be able to see that you went with the tribal print underwear instead of the lacey ones… and that’s never good. A petticoat puts multiple layers of soft nylon and lace in between your dirndl skirt and your legs making seeing through your skirt impossible.

You may want to wear a petticoat if:

  • You love poofy, flirty skirts
  • It’s a tad chilly outside (they are quite warm)
  • You plan on doing a lot of spinning (for whatever reason)
  • You’re feeling extra flirty and girly
  • Your skirt is looking a little lackluster and needs some uhmpf

We had searched all over to find the perfect dirndl petticoat for you that is made in the USA… not too poofy, not scratchy, juuuuuuust right. It is available in white, black, and red in 2 lengths, mini (20”) & midi (26”). I find myself grabbing for my petticoat more often than not. It’s just too much fun to wear! Click here to see the dirndl petticoats.

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While some people may not be fans of a skirt slip… they can be very important. Like a petticoat, a slip provides a layer of fabric to avoid the “see through” action that happens with direct sunlight. Even black skirts can give you shadow legs in the sun, but a slip stops that light dead in its tracks. They also tend to be much less full than your dirndl skirt so when you are dancing, should your skirt flare a bit too high, your slip is there to protect your bum from judging Omas. A slip also doesn’t add any fullness to your skirt, so if the idea of wearing a petticoat makes your skin crawl… a slip is for you!

You’ll want to wear a slip if:

  • You're going to a place that is very sunny
  • You can’t imagine adding any more fullness to your dirndl skirt
  • It’s way too hot outside to even consider putting on a petticoat
  • You hate bloomers
  • Your dirndl skirt is a very light color like ivory, silver or baby blue

While I don’t have any slips on the Rare Dirndl website, I did find one on Amazon that would work great for dirndl dresses. It comes in black, nude and white (I recommend nude) and also comes in a variety of lengths! Click here to check it out.

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Tights or Socks... or neither!

Let's talk for a second about dirndl socks. WHA?! there are Dirndl socks? - yup! They're white knit, knee high socks that can be super cute, and also slip down your leg while dancing... and subsequently super annoying haha (nothing a thing rubber band can't fix ... like the ones that come on green onions).

Some folks, love the look of the sock, other's can't stand em. I am personally indifferent and prefer to wear them with what I think the dirndl dress calls for. Some dirndl styles lend themselves better to the traditional dirndl socks while others don't. Wearing these socks is not a rule by any means, you can certainly wear tights, nylon stockings, or nothing at all. (Side Note: thigh high "sexy" socks... not recommended. In fact, I'm going to go right out and say, No... Don't wear those with your dirndl).

Tights can add a personal spin on a traditional German dirndl or a great way to stay warm if you know that it’s going to be a bit chilly at the Oktoberfest. Control top tights can also give you an even more slimming shape if that's something you're looking for. (That Schweinehaxen can sneak up on ya… ask me how I know zis.)

Basically whatever makes you feel most confident and fabulous... wear that!

Looking to order some dirndls socks? These are my favorite.

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So there you have it, folks, my full rundown on the undergarments you’ll want to consider when wearing your traditional dirndl with any skirt lengths. Do you have go to brands or recommendations to share? Write them in the comments! We love to hear from you.

Looking for an all encompassing guide on what to wear to Oktoberfest? Check out our guide for what to wear to Oktoberfest.


Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!

Best Undergarments to Wear with Dirndl Outfits (2024)


Do I wear a bra with dirndl? ›

Always wear a special dirndl bra. Incorrectly fitting and visible bras are an absolute no-go.

What is worn under a dirndl? ›

Underneath a Dirndl, women typically wear a blouse made of white cotton or lace. The blouse may have short or elbow-length sleeves and is designed to provide modest coverage while still showcasing the fitted bodice of the Dirndl.

Do you wear socks with a dirndl? ›

Yes, there is such a thing as Dirndls socks. They are not a MUST, but they are cute. You'll want to choose socks vs. tights based on the weather and how you like to style your Dirndl look.

Does a dirndl need a petticoat? ›

Petticoats. These super flirty and fun skirts add fullness to your German dirndls and also add a layer of protection… not from falling on your butt, but from sunlight!

What is the etiquette for the dirndl? ›

The placement of your dirndl's apron waist bow or knot in particular has a significant meaning. It's an easy way to know whether the woman is single and ready to mingle, in a relationship, married, or even widowed. If the knot of the apron is tied in the front, towards the left side, it means that a woman is single.

What shoes do Germans wear with dirndls? ›

Traditionally, one would wear a Mary-Jane style shoe with a low heel and dirndl socks. (Click here to order my favorite dirndl socks) For a more modern take on the Mary-Jane, look for shoes with some edgier details to them like buckles or laces.

Do you need an apron with dirndl? ›

A dirndl always comes with an apron. The Dirndl apron is an essential part of the Dirndl dress. A dirndl can be combined with a new apron to get a completely new look. So it is recommended to always have several aprons and blouses with a Dirndl.

Do you have to wear a blouse with a dirndl? ›

A dirndl is always made up of a dress and an apron; in most cases, you also wear a dirndl blouse underneath the low-cut bodice of the dress.

What does it mean when you wear the bow on the right side of the dirndl? ›

Meaning of the dirndl bow: Dirndl bow tied on the left: The wearer is single. Dirndl bow tied on the right: The wearer is already taken, engaged or married. Dirndl bow tied in the center back: The wearer is a waitress or widowed.

Are dirndls supposed to be tight? ›

A dirndl dress is designed to fit very snugly. It should be form-fitting when you put it on, and even tighter once you lace it up.

Can you wear a dirndl if you're not German? ›

If you are not German, there is no reason you can't wear a dirndl!

What do you wear to an Oktoberfest party if you don t have a dirndl? ›

Although a little bit harder to come by, if you want to get the Oktoberfest vibes without wearing a dirndl a German-inspired sweater or vest is a stellar way to make your plain outfit into a German one.

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