Spelled Flour - Rye Flour
The, I call it the Original Spätzle, was made from spelled flour. Spelled contains more gluten than wheat flour, so in contrast to popular belief it is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance (Z o liakie). However, if you have a wheat inconvenience, you can handle spelled flour well, although spelled is a type of wheat. Also with Dinkel there are type designations, spread are 630 812 and 1050

Spelled flour is much lower in weight than wheat flour, spelled flour does not give off its energy as fast as wheat flour, so it does not so much increase blood sugar and does not make you hungry that fast , So whoever prepares his spaghetti with spelled flour as wheat flour does himself a favor. Of course, there are also spelled spelled flour.

As with wheat, there are also different types of flour in rye and spelled flour. Type 815 refers to the lightest rye flour, while type 630 starts spelled flour. Again, as with wheat flour, the higher the number, the more fiber, vitamins and minerals are contained. Rye flour has a higher mineral content and more fiber such as wheat or spelled. You can make spätzle with only rye flour, but they will look better if you add some wheat or spelled flour. Rye flour should be very health-promoting.

Whole-wheat flour
Whole-wheat flour does not have a type designation, because this is where the whole grain is ground. Wheat flour, spelled wheat or rye flour is all the healthy ingredients of the flour. Spices are easy to make from wholemeal flour, you may have to vary slightly in liquid. Spice up with yourself and freshly ground flour will be really great. Whether coarse or fine, simply make the spaghetti according to Basic Recipe . Of course, the spotty things look a bit different then. but taste and your blood sugar level is not so fast back into the cellar and you stay full longer. (2024)
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